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These are the recommendations of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission South Australia

Former Governor Kevin Scarce recommends go ahead for nuclear storage in SA The Advertiser, May 9, 2016 DANIEL WILLSSTATE POLITICAL EDITOR

“……..The recommendations

1. Simplify approvals for radioactive ore mining, ending the duplication at state and federal processes

2. Make more SA geophysical data available publicly to aid exploration.

3. Undertake more geophysical surveys areas where mineral prospectivity is high.

4. Commit to increased, long-term government spending to search for new mineral deposits.

5. Ensure the full costs of closing down radioactive ore projects are secured before mining starts.

6. Remove state and federal bans on uranium processing activities.

7. Promote commercialisation of more research at the SA Health and Medical Research Institute.

8. End a national ban on nuclear power so it can be used to cut Australia’s carbon emissions.

9. Develop a national energy policy that considers all technologies, including nuclear.

10. Work with the Federal Government to better understand available nuclear power options.

renew world 1

11. Pursue establishment of a used nuclear fuel waste storage and disposal facility in SA.

12. Abolish state laws preventing further taxpayer-funded investigations of the industry.

(Condensed from formal recommendations)

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