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Paragraphs in the Royal Commission report that deserve scrutiny

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINMichelle Drummond, South Australia, 11 May 16 After reading the summary of the report I wanted to highlight a couple of points that I see as being important, and worth consideration.  Firstly it seems obvious to me that the dump is actually the wedge to introduce the rest of the Nuclear industry into Australia.

It is interesting that the opening statement highlights that being involved in Nuclear activities brings environmental, social, financial and safety risks.

In the next paragraph they talk about the 120 year life span of the project and ignore that there is still another 99,880 years to maintain the safety of the dump.

In paragraph 3 it is firmly stated there needs to be agreement by the South Australian Community (Citizens Jury now offered as the method for reaching agreement I have found that it is open to abuse, unless everyone is well informed across the topic.)

Paragraph 6 states that the government needs to pursue simplification of both state and federal legislation in regards to uranium mining.

Paragraph 8 is all about expanding mining, and exploration and removing barriers. At the end of this paragraph it was pleasing to see the idea that mining companies should be held financially responsible for remediation and decommission.

Paragraph 11 discusses the removal of legislation so that Australia could reprocess waste as well as storing it.

Paragraph 13 states that Nuclear power should not be discounted based on safety.

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