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Wind and hydro providing 100% renewable energy to Tasmania

Tasmania completely powered by renewable energy as rainfall boosts hydro dams  ABC News 12 May 16Tasmania is being completely powered by renewable energy for the first time this year, Hydro Tasmania says.

Key points:

  • Sustained rainfall fills dams by more than 3 per cent over 10 days
  • All diesel generators and gas power stations have been turned off
  • Rough weather hampers repairs to Basslink cable

The state has been in crisis for several months with dam levels at record lows after unprecedented dry weather…….

Hydro Tasmania CEO Stephen Davy said the state’s emergency diesel generators had been switched off through the week and the gas fired Tamar Valley Power Station was turned off yesterday.

“The past 10 days have been very positive,” he said.

“We’ve had more rain than predicted and our storages have risen strongly.

“There’s currently enough hydro and wind energy available to meet all Tasmanian demand.

“For the first time in months, our island is being powered solely by renewable energy.”…..

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