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Electoral suicide for Labor? The nuclear waste dump plan.

Weatherill glowfrom “Sanity” “Mr Weatherill is understood to be favouring a political decision taken without the delay and additional hassle of a referendum.” Sorry Jay, but it is reasonable to go to the “hassle of a referendum” when the the decision has such a significant impact upon our state and citizens.

Tom Koutsantonis threatened the Liberal party with a referendum on the issue (a nuclear waste dump in SA) so it would be beyond hyporitical (even for a politician) for him not to require one now.

Daniel, could you publish the results of the ‘Advertiser -Galaxy’ poll here too?

Earlier this week a survey of ‘AdelaideNow’ readers gave the following results:

Are you in favour of a nuclear waste dump in SA?

No:    61.04%  (1,648 votes)

Yes:   35.63%  (962 votes)

Undecided: 3.33%  (90 votes)

Which indicates certain electoral suicide for any party that allows SA to become a nuclear dump.

May 14, 2016 - Posted by | politics, South Australia, wastes

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