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South Australia’s proposed nuclear waste import dump would be massively larger than Finland’s

Kim Mavromatis, 10 June 16  THE NUMBERS TELL A STORY
At the Royal Commission NFC event at the Hawke Centre in Adelaide (Wed June 1), Kevin Scarce made reference to Finland’s permanent underground high level Nuclear Waste dump, currently being built at Onkalo, which will have a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 tonnes. Onkalo is featured in the must see doco “Into Eternity”( The Royal Commission NFC final report specifies a capacity of 138,000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste for the proposed Nuclear Waste dump in SA and Kevin Scarce highlighted this figure at the Hawke Centre Nuclear event.

Comparing the Nuclear Royal Commission numbers with Onkalo, it’s clear that the proposed Nuclear Waste dump in SA will be of mammoth proportions.

waste burial 3

Onkalo (Finland), permanent underground high level Nuclear Waste Dump :
• Capacity 5,000 to 10,000 tonnes high level nuclear waste,
• or 2,500 to 5,000 high level nuclear waste canisters.

Proposed SA Nuclear Waste Dump :
• Capacity 138,000 tonnes high level nuclear waste or 69,000 high level nuclear waste canisters.
• Capacity 390,000 m3 intermediate nuclear waste.
• Capacity 81,000 m3 low level nuclear waste.
• Above Ground Temporary facility Capacity 72,000 tonnes high level nuclear waste.
• Above Ground Temporary facility Capacity 175,000 m3 Intermediate nuclear waste.

Just for high level nuclear waste alone, it will require a waste dump 14 to 28 times the size of Onkalo (69,000 high level nuclear waste canisters). And for decades, half of the high level nuclear waste will be stored above ground in a temporary facility. Imagine the risk of nuclear holocaust with all that high level nuclear waste in the one location?

And the preferred site for the proposed Federal govnt’s low and intermediate level nuclear waste dump, in the Flinders Ranges, is in an area where there is regular earthquake activity.

How smart are these people?????

I suspect if the state govnt say yes to one Nuclear Waste Dump (low, intermediate, high), the floodgates will open and there won’t just be one Nuclear Waste Dump site in South Australia, there will be many (50, 100 ????). And saying yes in SA will also open the floodgates to the rest of Australia. And I question whether they’ll stop at 138,000 tonnes (69,000 canisters) of high level nuclear waste????? If the state govnt takes us down this path and we become the world’s nuclear waste dump, there is no turning back

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  1. MORE NUMBERS – 138,000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste in 69,000 high level radioactive waste canisters equates to a permanent underground nuclear waste dump size of around 112 square kms or 5,500 Adelaide ovals, 400 metres underground – and that’s not taking into consideration the 470,000 m3 of low and intermediate level nuclear waste. You can’t seriously tell me they will be able to build one nuclear waste dump that big?? in ground where there is no seismic activity in SA. Say yes to one and we will have many – say yes to one and we will end up with a toxic white elephant that will do us in or an economic white elephant that will do us in.


    Comment by Kim Mavromatis | June 10, 2016 | Reply

  2. Thankyou for hosting a page for this.

    Hawker gets announced as a place to dump, probably to ‘soften’ up public reaction when other LOCATIONS are selected, as Hawker is seen by many as the ‘Gateway’ to the relatively pristine Flinders Ranges.

    For all ‘Australians,’ who think they have a say in this matter, consider the obvious:
    1) Chosen to mine uranium
    2) Enriched it to use, while benefiting profiteers in the nuclear arms proliferation
    3) Possibly benefiting their industrial economies, but
    5) Now seek a cheap solution to dump it here.

    Providing this cheap solution will lead to proliferation of an already obsolete industry to generate electricity.

    The reality is most plants of anything usually are not reliably run for more than 50-60 years, even systems of government barely last centuries, this toxic crap will be around for many thousands of years!

    How many Fukushimas & Chernobyls do we need to realise nuclear fission is not a ‘clean technology,’ nor is it an overall an atmospheric ‘CO2 friendly’ one as they claim to be.

    Now, the places that have used nuclear will eventually become ‘Nuclear Free’ by dumping their decommissioned nuclear plants & waste here, spoiling our ‘Nuclear Free,’ status. Decommissioning nuclear is Govt policy in many countries that are genuine world leaders in social development, for everybody. Like the unbearable unmonitored pollution Government have imposed through & over Sold-Out-Salisbury, those adversely affected have NO say, & the amount of waste destined to be dumped here once allowed, will be beyond belief.

    It is a ‘no-brainer’ to me, but from Sold-Out-Salisbury, the ‘true’ Australian Leadershit shows itself yet again. The true ‘Australians’ have realised this the day ‘foreign interests’ colonised the place.

    Another thought, had they burnt coal to power their countries, the disgusting reality would have become so overbearingly obvious that the CO2icide would have HAD to been addressed decades sooner.

    When will people wake up to the bullshit & demand better? Yes, I am still stupid enough to think we have a choice, but we do, if more bother to stick up for themselves…


    Comment by Bo | June 10, 2016 | Reply

  3. Why does Australia have to be the repository of other countries unwanted crap.


    Comment by Daphne Houston | September 26, 2016 | Reply

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