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Why South Australians should say NO to the nuclear waste importing plan

text don't nuclear waste Australia Penny Kleemann 08 Jun 2016 To Jay and the state Labor Party: 
As I type, I’m looking at a photo of Mike Rann celebrating with the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta when they defeated the Howard nuclear dump proposal. Do the words “Judas” and “betrayal” mean anything to you?
Do you really think South Australians are so stupid? This state dump proposal is so full of lies and so obviously about greed, money before the planet, and the rich getting richer. The bias of the Royal Commission is gob-smacking. Let’s start with Kevin Scarce:
Kevin Scarce said in a Flinders Uni lecture in 2014 that he was “an advocate for a nuclear industry”.
He appointed three nuclear advocates to the Committee and only one person who was opposed. Wow – unbiased. Sounds like the work of a nuclear lobby group to me.
This is why we should say NO: 
We are leading the country in renewables. Why touch poison when we can be clean, green?
The supposed financial benefits are based on very shakey modeling, and if it all goes wrong, it will bring the opposite of financial windfall and could bankrupt the state.
SA’s track record of “managing” nuclear waste is appalling – look at Maralinga!
And, the state Labor government embezzled 9.1 million plus of OUR public money on a Royal Commission when they could have just asked The Australia Institute to do it. For that money we could be well on the way to building our solar thermal plant at Port Augusta.
Jay, if you want to poison South Australia and take down our pristine environment, amazing tourism, outstanding wines and brilliant organic food, go right ahead. If you want to commit political suicide, that’s your choice. I certainly WON’T be voting for Tom Kenyon in my electorate again. Potential sites haven’t been announced but no surprises for guessing where they’ll be; well, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our incredible, amazing, strong, beautiful and wise Aboriginal people of the nations of South Australia – THEY, are the true wealth of this state! Please pick the good way Jay, do the right thing, not just for us but for the generations of South Australians to come.

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