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Labor and Liberal united in disregard for indigenous people, over nuclear waste dumping

Tweedle-Nuclear7 shady things Labor & Liberals have in common Progressive Reflection JUNE 1, 2016     “……..5. Dumping Nuclear waste on Indigenous Australians

Labor and Liberal politicians united earlier this year to profit from turning South Australia into a dumping ground for nuclear waste. But where do you put the most hazardous waste you can think of? Who’s backyard would our political leaders dump a hot radioactive mess in and feel guilt free about it? Who else but Indigenous Australians?.

Fukushima was an unfortunate reminder of how badly nuclear can go wrong, and many countries have since reconsidered nuclear plans. Nuclear is unlikely to ever be the energy of the future it was once thought to be. So why think of poisoning any Australian land with nuclear waste at all?

Because free money!

It’s a dream come true for some Australian politicians – rather than grapple with the politically difficult tasks of ending corporate welfare, or tax loopholes, or paying for essential services the Government could rake in a tidy $6 billion a year for at least 70 years.

All they’d have to do is screw over an indigenous community.

It’s practically business as usual.

And when Labor and Liberal come together to make something happen, they sure can be brazen about their disregard for indigenous people.

Wallerberdina Station near the Flinders Ranges is the only shortlisted site for the nuclear waste dump. Back in November last year, the indigenous community nearby demanded the government reject the proposal.

The dump threatens a local heritage site.

Federal Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg has creatively interpreted their concerns as “a broad level of community support“.

Frydenberg has said that consultation with traditional owners would be undertaken as part of the next phase of the project. That seems nice of him, except that the number of proposed sites for the dump is: 1. Just that site. What do you think the likelihood is the consultation will result in the only site planned being scrapped?

The consultation is there to serve the purpose of pretending to have listened, so that when the site goes ahead and indigenous Australian’s are outraged, they can be patronisingly told they had their chance to have their say………

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