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Why we should question the Liberal Party on nuclear waste importing

a-cat-CANWell, of course the Liberals don’t have a policy on any nuclear issues.

So you have to look back on their record – in Wikipedia, or better still, in this fine article by Independent Australia’s intrepid investigative journalist Sandi Keane – The Liberal Party’s nuclear dreams: The strange case of Dr John White and Ignite -display/the-liberal-partys-nuclear-dreams-the-strange-case-of-dr-john-white-and-ignite,6270

It might be a waste of time questioning Labor Party politicians and candidates on what they think about importing nuclear waste –  Labor policy is strongly anti nuclear.

It’s probably good to question Nick Xenophon Team – as they are still making up their minds about this.

Waste of time questioning Greens –  their opposition to the Nuclear Fuel Chain is rock solid.

text-cat-questionBut the Liberals?  I wonder what their politicians and members really think?  Or perhaps – do they think at all?

June 17, 2016 - Posted by | Christina reviews, election 2016

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