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Taxpayers $100,000,000 to be spent up front BEFORE any decision on South Australia nuclear waste importing

text-my-money-2Valdis Dunis‎    Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia 24 June 16
 Another A$100,000,000 to be spent on studies for a nuclear waste dump?

Last night on Adelaide ABC TV News, The Royal Commission’s Jacob Engineering Manager Tim Johnson was interviewed after his submission to SA Parliament yesterday. He stated for the government to be certain that a waste dump would be feasible technically and financially would – like any large technical engineering program – require detailed analysis, and given the complexity Jacob’s estimate is about A$100M that the State Government would have to spent upfront BEFORE we could confirm a yes/no to make sure it will work and make money for us.

Should we spend $100M on more nuclear analysis, or spend the money instead on renewables and other services in our state?…/2016/02/JOHNSON-Tim-489-496.pdf

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