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Losing faith in Nuclear Citizens’ Jury process – today’s hearings

Unfortunately, despite the genuine hard work of the jury members,  it could all be a bit of a waste, or worse. The Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission NFCRC was over months ago. But whaddya know – the NFCRC seems to be well in control of the jury proceedings.

DemocracyCo people are trying hard, but are they the patsy in all this?

Dan Monceau reports on Facebook

At the session I observed yesterday, Lucinda Byers (of the NFCRC) was a major participant in the conversation about ‘Trust’.

Geordan Graetz, a Royal Commission staff member who was first disclosed in the Royal Commission’s final report was hanging around.

I notice today that Ashok Kaniyal, another Royal Commission staff member appears to be present.

The media manager for CARA (the Department of Premier & Cabinet’s new reponse agency) is Jenny Turner, who was previously Senior Communications officer, employed by the Royal Commission.

DPC is “in charge” of the process, but the Commission’s staff are clearly and quite intimately involved in this current Citizens Jury process.

July 10, 2016 - Posted by | NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 2016, South Australia

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