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New Climate Denialist One Nation Senator warns on United Nations Climate Plot

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Malcolm Roberts: One Nation senator-elect says UN trying to impose global government through climate chance policy, ABC News,  By political reporters Stephanie Anderson and Matthew Doran, 4 Aug 16  New One Nation senator-elect Malcolm Roberts has argued the United Nations is trying to impose global government through climate change policy.

Mr Roberts is one of three One Nation senators joining party leader Pauline Hanson in the new-look Upper House, after the final vote count was finalised today.

In an interview on ABC local radio, Mr Roberts said there were a number of movements undermining Australian sovereignty.

“Do you think the UN’s trying to impose some sort of global government through climate change policy?” 774 ABC Melbourne host Rafael Epstein asked.

“Definitely,” replied Mr Roberts……….

United Nations ‘driving’ climate scienceMr Roberts, a prominent climate change sceptic with the Galileo Movement, also renewed calls for an inquiry into CSIRO’s climate change research.

Mr Roberts, whose latest press release stated that he “spent the last nine years working pro bono checking alarmist climate claims”, said he wanted to repeal any legislation put in place “as a result of the claim that humans affect global climate as a result of our use of hydrocarbons fuels, coal, oil, natural gas”.

Describing himself as a scientist, he said “we need to stop these ridiculous lies based on climate”.

“I went looking into the agencies that have been spreading the climate science,” he said.

“I started finding out things about the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology.

“That led me then to the UN, which has been driving this.

“Then I started following the money trails. It’s important to understand the motives.”……..

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