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Dr Stan Grant. From Reconciliation to Rights: Shaping a Bigger Australia

Stan Grant Wallace Wurth Lecture: From Reconciliation to Rights ~ UNSWTV, YouTube

Dr Stan Grant delivers the Wallace Wurth Lecture at UNSW Sydney,  a powerful and emotive speech entitled “From Reconciliation to Rights: Shaping a Bigger Australia.’

“The speech comes in the wake of damning allegations about the treatment of Indigenous childrenin the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The Australian Government immediately called a Royal Commission.

“Dr Grant, however, argues the need for a national truth and reconciliation commission  “a full reckoning of our Nation’s past that may set loose the chains of history that bind this country’s first and today most miserably impoverished people.”

“He also calls for a treaty with Indigenous Australians, similar to those in New Zealand, the United States.”

Important questions are posed for all Australians to consider including the need to look to the examples of New Zealand, the United States and Canada and negotiate a treaty with the Indigenous population.

“What a damning state of affairs,” he said, “to be the only Commonwealth nation not to enshrine the sovereign rights of its first peoples.”





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