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Nuclear Waste Plans Under the Spotlight at Port Augusta forum

radioactive trash Moves to dump national and international radioactive waste in South Australia will come under the spotlight when the Exposure 2016 community expo kicks off this weekend in Port Augusta. Exposure 2016 will explore the two nuclear waste dump threats currently facing South Australia. In April the federal government selected Wallerberdina near Hawker in the Flinders Ranges as a possible site for a national low and intermediate level radioactive waste dump. In May the SA nuclear Royal Commission recommended that developing a high level international waste dump be “pursued as soon as possible”. The SA government is consulting with communities and will make a formal response before the end of the year.

The event will open on Friday night with the ‘Talking Straight Out Exhibition’ where senior desert women contested a nuclear waste dump proposal that was scrapped in 2004. Mrs Emily Austin, one of the few remaining women involved will be atExposure 2016 “We stopped it before – the Kungka Tjutas – and now they are going to start it again. They don’t listen – it’s not for playing around with. Some people say it’s not poison, but we know it is.”

Exposure 2016 will also feature a range of experts traveling from around Australia to share views and information. Dr Margaret Beavis from the Medical Association for the Prevention of War is keen to talk with the community about the proposed national waste dump at Wallerberdina. “At the Flinders Ranges site a false link with nuclear medicine has been used to put pressure on communities and much of the information has been incorrect or incomplete. Genuine community consultation and consent demands that you have to provide accurate information.”


Other keynote speakers include Mark Ogge, Principal Adviser at the Australia Institute, authors of the recent ‘Digging for Answers’ report. This report was a scathing critical analysis of the economics of the Royal Commission’s plan to import high level nuclear waste. “The plan for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia is designed to help the global nuclear industry secure lower cost finance but it is of no benefit to South Australia. It would unreasonably require SA to take on a huge risk and liability”.


There is growing concern about a range of negative environmental, cultural and economic impacts linked to radioactive waste dumping plans.


“Governments cannot guarantee regional South Australians that nuclear waste can be stored safely without catastrophic implications to our ancient underground aquifers,” said Flinders Run winemaker Emanuel Skorpos. “These aquifers stretch from the far west to the far east of northern SA. Pastoralists and horticulturalists rely on these aquifers for stock water and irrigation to run their businesses. There is too much at risk and the risks outweigh any speculative financial gain a nuclear waste import industry may bring. Regional farming families are increasingly saying No to a nuclear waste industry in South Australia!”


The weekend will include speakers, workshops, stalls, displays, art and media installations. Exposure 2016 is a free event. A full program is available here.

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