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Your Say: Immoral and illegal for Jay Weatherill to spend taxpayer money to promote nuclear waste dump

Weatherill,-Jay-wastesPeter Lazic 12 Sep 2016 What consent does Jay Weatherill have to spend $600 million dollars of taxpayer money to plan a nuclear waste dump, when the proposed dump may never get approved. This and the money spent to date on the Royal Commission, the road show, now TV advertisements, etc, is obscene and immoral

Ed note : Especially as the SA Law says:
13—No public money to be used to encourage or finance construction or
operation of nuclear waste storage facility Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000…/statewide-survey

September 16, 2016 - Posted by | legal, South Australia, Submissions to Royal Commission S.A.

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  1. A recent poll suggests 48% of South Australians support a nuclear waste dump in regional SA yet I cannot find one single person who supports it – maybe I am consulting with the wrong people. Even a cursory look at the Nuclear industry in Taiwan – Taiwan being one of the proposed dumpers in SA – will reveal that the Taiwanese government is having a lot of trouble disposing of its waste – much of which is currently being stored on one of its small islands with Aboriginal populace who strongly protest the storage; Taiwan is in fact closing down it s 6 nuclear reactors because they are (a) too costly, (b) too dangerous and (c) have produced numerous problems with waste disposal…Because the containers already have started to rust and decompose.
    SA has seen huge increases in electricity prices which, some might argue, is linked to the promotion of “cheaper” nuclear energy. With Liberal Senator Sean Edwards making statements such as “I want South Australia to become a nuclear powered state”, is it any wonder both sides of the politics have their advocates?
    Seems we are headed for self-contained nuclear power and nuclear waste disposal in the state.
    The new military contracts for submarines being built in SA appear to include provisions for nuclear powered submarines (or retro-fits) so this might also be why there is a push for a nuclear dump nearby… Some of the large military contractors already are above the law: with nightly helicopter training of FLIR camera testing – which surely impinges on privacy laws – in the Western suburbs during Adelaide Airport’s curfew hours, for example.
    South Australians know that the proposed “huge” profits will never, ever be seen by them… But they have seen enough images of local politicians “fleecing the public” then leaving with the proverbial suitcases full of cash for far-off overseas destinations.


    Comment by Mr Huang | September 17, 2016 | Reply

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