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Your Say: brand South Australia to be irrevocably smirched by nuclear waste dump

South Australia nuclear toiletadrian hill 04 Sep 2016 Safety isnt what we should be worrying about

Our brand is more at risk. We want to be known for our great food and wine. While there is not risk at all the waste will reach anywhere near our food chain, we know the how the media can paint a city. I’m concerned that SA will be rebranded as the waste dump state which could affect our tourism. It wouldnt bother me if we could redraw the boarders so the area is not our state. Could it be an independant state like canberra? Or do we name a town where the dumping will occur and push the name of that town rather than associate with SA….google ‘snowtown  important.…/statewide-survey

September 16, 2016 - Posted by | NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 2016, South Australia, wastes

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