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People living around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, parts of Asia and western North and South America, should expect wilder climate swings in the 21st century.
Extreme versions of El Niño and La Niña, the sibling Pacific weather patterns that can translate into torrential rains or searing droughts, will likely occur nearly twice as often—approximately once every decade—if greenhouse gases continue increasing on their current trajectory, an international team of scientists has concluded.

The results are actually very, very convincing, and terrifying in a way because we know the impact can be dramatic,” said Wenju Cai, an Australian climate scientist who was the lead author of two recent papers about the research.

If the predictions prove true, it could mean tens of thousands more weather-related deaths and devastating economic damages.

Using computer models that simulate how increasing greenhouse gases alter ocean and land temperatures and wind patterns, the study finds…

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