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Stop blocking progress on nuclear disarmament – Australian International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons calls on government

logo-ICANRight now Australia is at the UN taking part in the annual UN General Assembly talks, including in the disarmament committee, the First Committee. In about two weeks there is expected to be a monumental vote where the world’s governments can vote yes to beginning a negotiation for a ban on nuclear weapons.

For us plutonium headcases these are exciting days. A ban has been at the core of the work of ICAN for the last decade and the global movement on this has been growing beautifully.

However, not surprisingly to any of you, Australia has been blocking progress actively at every turn over the last two conservative govts. While we expect that they will drag their feet along with the nuclear weapon states, we feel it’s vital that our govt get a sense of the expectation from our community and citizens here that a ban on nuclear weapons is wanted. I could go on about the reasons but you all know these – that’s why you do the work.

If any of you are on social media, would you please consider retweeting or posting messages like the one linked below in the next day or two?

The handle used on all our social media platforms (twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) is #goodbyenukes.

Anything you can do to push this in the next week or so would be appreciated.

October 13, 2016 - Posted by | ACTION

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