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Kim Mavromatis debunks Geoff Russell’s pro nuclear spiel on New Matilda

Kim Mavromatis No High Level International Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia October 25 

My comment to a NewMatilda news article by Geoff Russell.

Why did 3,000 people attend the “No Nuclear Waste Dumps” rally in Adelaide? 10 times more than attended the state govnts “Know Nuclear” citizens jury. I expect it’s because there’s nothing more scary than trusting politicians with Nuclear Waste dumps. In the recent SA statewide blackout, some communities were without power for 3 days. The state government can’t even get electricity right so how are we supposed to trust them with Nuclear Waste Dumps?

The numbers tell a story. The SA Govnt Nuclear Royal Commission is using Onkalo as their model, the underground permanent high level nuclear waste dump, currently being built in Finland (1st in the world). Onkalo has a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste and will be 4-6 sq kms in size.

waste burial Olkiluoto Island

The SA Nuclear Royal Commission proposes SA import 138,000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste – 14 to 28 times the size of Onkalo, which equates to a high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia of around 100 sq kms, half a km underground.

waste burial 3

And for decades half the high level nuclear waste will be stored above ground in temporary vessels. And that’s just for the high level nuclear waste. The NRC report also proposes SA import a further 390,000 m3 of intermediate level nuclear waste and 81,000 m3 of low level nuclear waste. Impressive numbers, for one nuclear waste dump, modelled on a waste dump in Finland that hasn’t been built yet, with a capacity of 5,000-10,000 tonnes. I expect there wont just be one high level nuclear waste dump is SA, there will be many, but the SA NRC economics is modelled on building just one nuclear waste dump?

The SA NRC report doesn’t mention how big the proposed nuclear waste dump will be, so I quizzed a “Know Nuclear” expert at one of the 100 SA govnt roadshows around SA, and he couldn’t tell me either. “Know Nuclear” is the state govnt’s moto, so don’t you think, they should know?

The state govnt have already spent millions on the “Know Nuclear” circus and will need to spend a further $600 million even before they get one cent in return.

Storms and floods and earthquakes and transport accidents do happen – and when an accident happens it’s likely to be catastrophic. What are they going to say when an accident happens – blame it on the weather?

And there’s more – we aren’t just being bombarded by the state govnt, the Federal govnt has their own proposal for an intermediate and low level nuclear waste dump in South Australia. And it just so happens that an ex Liberal politician has volunteered his property in the Flinders Ranges. So kind of him. Anyone with any knowledge of the Flinders Ranges knows that it’s prone to flooding and earthquake activity – not a smart place to put a nuclear waste dump.

The Adelaide rally was held on the 63rd Anniversary of the first British Nuclear Tests on the Australian mainland at Emu Field in South Australia. Bobby Brown witnessed the bombs and the black mist and is a survivor – he tells his story, in a short film (Bobby Brown Homelands), about living with the legacy of British Nuclear testing. For all those who care to look at it, here’s the link :

And for those who care to watch a video of the Adelaide rally. Here’s a link :

By the way, I’m also a concerned filmmaker, who lives in regional SA, and was one of the 3,000 people who attended the “No Nuclear Waste Dumps” rally in Adelaide.

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