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A “Minority Report” from South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury?

Citizens' Jury scrutinyTim Bickmore Nuclear Citizens Jury Watch South Australia   2 Nov 16

There will be a ‘Minority Report’ & this is being actively collated by a designated juror who volunteered for the task. It’s focus will probably be upon alternate projects which would enhance the SA Great brand & demonstrate better options for the future direction of the SA economy.

 Nov 2 snippet “I felt that the idea of a nuclear waste dump was a stepping stone in acquiring a nuclear reactor and the bogey man appeared straight away after the mood of the jury had been felt. I wondered why certain people were so keen to establish the waste site it would have been better to be upfront with everyone and declare their intentions we are aware of the tactics used.”
… “Re changing the legislation
The advice we were given at the table was that the legislation does not prohibit the next stages of investigation that are needed to fill the gaps identified in the extremely dubious case for this project. But even if they did this legislation applies only to spending public funds. If this project is such a financial bonanza as some proponents keep insisting it is then maybe the industry should fund the next stage of the feasibility study – and there is absolutely no barrier to spending industry rather than public funds to do this .

One juror gave me the question I’ve been searching for in all of this: Would you want to invest your superannuation funds in this project? If so please feel free to do so – I wouldn’t and I suspect most people with any financial nous (or sense of financial responsibility) wouldn’t either.” Australia  


November 2, 2016 - Posted by | Nuclear Citizens Jury

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