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Climate change is real and the world is in denial. #auspol


Nature does not care what we think about it.

Indeed, nature does not care about us at all. But we should care about nature. Above all, we should care about nature if our actions are affecting it adversely.

Probably the most important way in which we are affecting nature is via the climate. Yet our response is foolish denial and fond hope.

Nature will not be impressed.

What nature is doing at present is heating the planet.

Of this no serious doubt remains.

The global warming ” pause” of 1998-2013 is definitively over. Even before recent temperature rises to the highest on record, the notion of a pause was absurd. In 1998 there was a strong El Niño – a feature of which is high global temperatures. What was remarkable is that the years after 1998 remained so hot.
Both last year and this one, with another strong El Niño…

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