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The Greens say economic modelling for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia is a sham

biasNuclear dump modelling biased: Greens The Greens say economic modelling for a nuclear waste dump in SA is a sham and the SA government should drop the idea. SBS News,   Source: AAP 3 NOV 2016The Greens say the South Australian government should stop considering building a nuclear waste dump in the state because its economic modelling is biased,.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is calling on the state government to drop the idea after it was revealed two contributors to a royal commission on SA’s involvement in the nuclear cycle were leaders of a nuclear industry lobby group.

Association for Regional and International Underground Storage President Charles McCombie and Vice-President Neil Chapman were two of six authors of a cost analysis and business case for storing nuclear waste in SA.

The case was referenced in the royal commissions final report, delivered in May, which recommended SA consider establishing a dump because of the potential economic benefits.

Ms Hanson-Young says the ARIUS leaders’ contribution to the commission’s economic modelling means it is a “sham”.

“It’s not surprising that a pro-nuclear organisation would come up with economic modelling that supports turning SA into the world’s waste dump,” she said in a statement on Thursday.

“This agenda driven and biased modelling formed the central plank of the government’s push for nuclear storage which should now be dropped, once and for all.”…….

November 4, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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