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Overwhelming rejection of nuclear waste import. (article includes reader poll)

Jury (1)Citizens’ jury overwhelmingly rejects nuclear waste storage facility for South Australia State Political Editor Daniel Wills, The Advertiser November 6, 2016 A CITIZENS’ jury called by Premier Jay Weatherill to consider whether South Australia should develop a nuclear storage industry has rejected the idea by an overwhelming two-thirds majority.

In a deep blow to advocates of nuclear storage, … the jury cited a “lack of trust” as the deal-breaker.

It said it was sceptical of the State Government’s ability to deliver the project safely and on-budget, as well as the sincerity of the jury process they had been asked to take part in.

“The jury generally had a strong conviction in taking a position,” the report of its 350 members states.

“Two-thirds of the jury do not wish to pursue the opportunity under any circumstances.”

Mr Weatherill personally received the report from the citizens’ jury at the Adelaide Convention Centre just after 5pm on Sunday. But he would not concede the proposal was now dead.

The objections to the proposal ranged from the Government’s perceived poor record in managing big projects like construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the historic State Bank collapse, to the lack of consent from Aboriginal communities.

“No market testing and understanding the appetite with potential customers for the use of, and at what fee, for an Australian repository, is a reason not to undertake further expenditure and investigation,” the report states.

“Continuing the investigation … with evidence of lack of consent and poor economics, demonstrates this as an agenda of the Government.”

Mr Weatherill said the “very clear position” of the jury would be combined with other Government research about the statewide views of the nuclear industry, as Cabinet considers whether to push ahead.

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