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The Guardian view on climate change: Trump spells disaster #auspol


Reaching a global agreement on climate change took more than 20 years of tortuous negotiations. Signed just under a year ago, the insufficient but workable Paris agreement at last constructed a legally binding framework for the principle of cutting carbon emissions.

It was to be the foundation of a sustained ratcheting up of ambition that would hold global warming below 2C.

Last Tuesday night, as one by one from east coast to west the United States went Republican red, that progress was wiped out.
Donald Trump is the first self-declared climate denier to lead of one of the world’s biggest emitters.

Even President George W Bush, though he surrounded himself with sceptics, did not publicly disavow climate science.

He even managed a few helpful moves. But Mr Trump has pledged to unpick the Paris agreement. In Marrakech, where delegates are meeting for the first time since Paris, they are putting…

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