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2 Dec Adelaide – Put a nail in the coffin – Bury the Dump

Although Stephen Marshall has said the NFCRC Dump proposal is “dead and buried”, Jay seems to think there’s still some life in it if he waits a bit longer, for bipartisanship and community consent.

We need to tell him that this is a pipe dream, that “No” means “No – not now, not ever.”

We need to make sure that this proposal is indeed dead and buried, by giving it a good funeral – burying it deep so that it never again raises its ugly head.

Put a nail in the coffin – Bury the Dump
Parliament House steps,
Friday 2nd December, 5.45 (for 6 o’clock start)
Wear black, or yellow No Dump t-shirts. Bring black flags. Drums and bodhrans would be good, and any instruments that can play a funeral march. We will probably have a funeral procession afterwards – still to be arranged.

Obviously, we know that the proposal is not really dead – Jay has just taken the heat out of the situation for now. We know:
· the proposal is still on the table and there will be very strong forces pushing it behind the scenes;

· the Government has accepted the RC recommendations to encourage the expansion of uranium exploration and mining in SA, and to promote further investigation into nuclear power;

· the Federal Govt’s proposed dump at Barndioota is still on the agenda, despite the opposition of the Adnyamathanha people, and other local residents. Although the Federal Govt calls this waste “low and intermediate” level, there is doubt that this is accurate by international standards, and what it means in terms of toxicity.

But we want to strike another blow- shown our anger and show that we haven’t been deluded into thinking that it’s all over and we can pack away our banners and placards and go home.

This is not a celebration – we know we have limited cause to celebrate – but a chance to show convincingly what we want – the Dump dumped!!!

NOTE: Uniting Church Know Nuclear forum rescheduled for Nov 25th, now cancelled.

Anti-Nuclear Coalition SA – Individuals and organisations united to oppose the nuclear fuel cycle, with a focus, in the present context, on nuclear waste dumps in SA.


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