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South Australian Labor voters to vote Liberal because of the nuclear waste issue?

text politicsHere’s what one Labor voter thought, and wrote: 

To: South Australian ALP Members of State and Federal Parliament

Dear Sir/Madam

Note that this issue is one of the few issues that would induce me to preference the Liberal Party over the Labor Party. I have never preferenced the Liberals in my life and do not wish to start now, but I feel I would have no choice if the South Australian ALP continues with the Premier’s current stance. I am therefore writing to you in the hope that you will persuade him to publicly reject an international nuclear waste dump, or oust him as Premier and leader of the South Australian ALP.

I was grudgingly willing to cooperate with the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission, even though I believed it was biased, in the hope that it would kill off once and for all the push for nuclear energy, uranium enrichment, etc. To a large extent it did that. Despite its strong pro-nuclear bias, the Royal Commission was still unable to recommend that SA pursue these nuclear activities.

I was grudgingly willing to cooperate with the nuclear waste dump debate, which I also believed was biased, in the hope that South Australian citizens would reject the proposal. They have done that, despite the bias and the fact that the question posed to the Citizens Jury was loaded to produce a conditional go-ahead. Insider reports and the Citizens Jury’s official report suggest that the facilitation of the jury process was also biased in that direction.

Unfortunately, this consultation process has down grave damage to the Premier’s own push for participatory democracy, including deliberative tools such as Citizens Juries. I supported the Premier in this, but the way this process was conducted and the Premier’s response have given Citizens Juries a bad name. Nevertheless, despite these flaws, ordinary citizens gave clear and independent voice to their views. The democratic process was thus enhanced in spite of attempts to manipulate the outcome.

But the Premier’s response to the Citizens Jury’s verdict, and to the results of the wider consultation, has pushed me over the edge. I cannot support a party that will take South Australia down this track. I will preference Liberals at the next state election unless the South Australian ALP reverses direction on this issue. I imagine that I am not alone in this. With the Premier’s foolhardy policy you are risking dislodging rusted on Labor supporters.

Please take action so that I and many others like me do not have to preference the Liberals at the next state election.

November 25, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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