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The Dump is Dumped! – for now

text don't nuclear waste AustraliaMembers and supporters of the Anti-Nuclear Coalition will gather on Parliament House steps this evening at 6pm for a last farewell to the Premier’s international nuclear waste dump proposal. We will ceremonially, with all pomp and circumstance, consign it to the bin!*

Spokesperson Anne McMenamin said, “We are pleased that the Premier has decided not to proceed with changes to legislation and policy, at this stage, but we are aware that the push towards the dump will continue behind the scenes.

“We want to tell Jay, in no uncertain terms, that ‘No’ means ‘No – not now, not ever.’ The message from the Citizens’ Jury was loud and clear, despite all the efforts to corral them toward a Proceed with Caution finding – the amber light.

“However, we are aware that the Government has given the go-ahead for increased exploration and mining of uranium. We are also aware that the Federal Government’s proposed national dump is still on the agenda.

“These two issues are very much on the minds of the Traditional Owners of the land in which the dump and the mining will occur. The current site for the dump is Barndioota, in the Flinders Ranges, land of the Adnyamathanha people “Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners, Regina McKenzie and Tony Clark, will convey the strong opposition of their people. Regina has just this week been announced as the joint winner of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s 2016 Rawlinson Award for out-standing leadership in her efforts for Indigenous and environmental justice in her region. “The Anti-Nuclear Coalition is extremely concerned that waste for this dump is described as ‘low and intermediate level’ giving the impression that it’s not really dangerous. By international standards, the ‘intermediate level’ waste is really ‘high level’. Further, there is considerable controversy amongst scientists as to the safety of even ‘low level’ ionising radiation.

*We’d like to burn copies of the Royal Commission Report and the Government’s Know Nuclear propaganda, but doubt that would be appreciated on Parliament House steps, so we will chuck it in a big yellow-cake drum, with a humorous oration, a great new song, and a salute to the valiant members of the Citizens’ Jury.

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