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MP James Purcell calls for nuclear power for Portland, Victoria

exclamation-Call to build nuclear power plant in Portland The Age,  Benjamin Preiss, 6 Dec 16, 
 A nuclear power plant should be built in the western Victorian city of Portland to supply cheap electricity to Alcoa’s troubled aluminium smelter, according to a local-micro party MP.

Vote 1 Local Jobs MP James Purcell has warned that Portland, which has a population of about 10,000, will become a “ghost town” if the smelter closes and cheap power generation is not created. He says the recent power failure that damaged the Alcoa’s aluminium smelter illustrated the need for nuclear energy.

Earlier this month the smelter suffered a major setback when one of its two “pot-lines” was closed due to a disastrous power failure……..

Mr Purcell has called on the Andrews government to consult with the people of Portland to determine whether they would support a nuclear facility.

He said major industries, including wood chipping and wool processing were ideal for Portland. But they relied on substantial amounts of power.  Mr Purcell said an energy efficient method of power generation would revitalise Portland and ensure the creation of “many thousands of jobs” into the future. “House prices will be double what they are and you finish up with a thriving town or region,” he said………

Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford told Parliament that the Labor Party’s national platform did not support the establishment of nuclear power plants.

She said the government was in “regular dialogue” with community leaders in Portland and would continue to work on a solution to the problems at Alcoa.

Greens energy spokeswoman Ellen Sandell urged Mr Purcell to abandon his push for nuclear power and support renewable energy sources.

“The people of Portland need sustainable jobs and clean energy. They don’t want a toxic waste problem and the dangers of a nuclear power plant in their backyard,” she said.

Alcoa is also negotiating a new electricity supply deal with AGL after the expiration of its previous contact that ensured affordable power.

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