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Prime Minister Turnbull’s lack of priniciple – kowtows to extreme right on climate change

Turnbull liarPM’s kowtowing serves no one, The Age, 11 Dec 16   Generals, it’s said, lose battles by fighting the last war, and it is increasingly clear Malcolm Turnbull is fighting the hard right of the Liberal party like it is still 2009.

Back then, Mr Turnbull lost the Liberal leadership after a revolt by arch conservatives in the party over attempts to introduce a carbon emissions trading scheme. Yet despite having since won back the top job – and then an election – Mr Turnbull appears to have learnt the wrong lesson. He has decided to kowtow to those same hardline forces instead of tackling the reality of climate change.

So it was last week, after Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg flagged the sensible suggestion that the government would consider – not commit, but explore – how an emissions intensity scheme would apply in Australia’s energy markets. This is a type of carbon price that a series of recent reports have considered to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Economic modelling for the Australian Electricity Market Commission suggests such a scheme would save households and businesses up to $15 billion in electricity costs over a decade.

But within 36 hours, after a petulant outburst from hyper-sceptics on the Coalition backbench, Mr Turnbull had abandoned any talk of a carbon intensity scheme. In doing so he not only embarrassed Mr Frydenberg, but again left people wondering: just what, exactly, does Malcolm Turnbull stands for?……..

December 11, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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