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Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions increasing, government admits

Map Turnbull climateTurnbull government confirms Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising, SMH, 

Adam Morton, 22 Dec 16,   The government has confirmed Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising, and projected that it will not get near its 2030 climate target under current policies….. Released in the shadow of the Christmas holidays, the Environment Department greenhouse accounts show national emissions rose 0.8 per cent in the year to June.

The department analysis shows the increase largely came from electricity generation – the country used more power without much change in its reliance on fossil fuels – and new liquefied natural gas projects.

In per capita terms, emissions per person continued to fall – to less than 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide, down from about 26 tonnes a decade ago – as population growth outpaced the rise in pollution……

Australian Conservation Foundation economist Matt Rose said the government was failing to cut climate pollution, and was holding back evidence of its poor performance from the public.

Documents released to the foundation after a Freedom of Information request showed it had been sitting on the data since September, but chose to release it just three days before Christmas…….

The government is reviewing climate policies next year, but has already ruled out any form of carbon pricing that would penalise big emitters.

Business and environment groups are urging the government to keep all options, including a form of carbon pricing known as an emission intensity scheme, open to ensure cuts are made as cheaply as possible.

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