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The climate and nuclear scene, as 2017 begins

We start the year with some concerning new evidence on climate change. Global warming is happening faster than previously estimated. Climate Change threat to global ocean circulation might be worse than we thought. The tipping point for climate change is nigh upon us.

The nuclear scene remains one of anxiety about the arms race. There are the nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, with fear about ISIS. There’s anxiety about  the situation when the Trump administration takes over in America.

On the so-called “peaceful” nuclear industry a rather distressing tendency is becoming evident. That is simply, that despite overwhelming evidence that the industry is an economic disaster,  Britain, France, and in some States, America, are pressing on with it. The argument is always “JOBS”. It reminds me of the Bertolt Brecht play “Mother Courage and Her Children” – in which the mother continues her job, as that job gets all her children killed, one by one.

World Health Organisation confirmed that low dose radiation increases cancer risk.


CLIMATE.  2016 was Australia’s year of record-breaking extreme weather. It’s also tipped to be Australia’s hottest year.  Turnbull government admits that Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are increasing. Australia has its very own Minister For The Coal Industry- Matt Canavan  Determined local protests against Adani coal mine.

Queensland Government moving fast towards its renewable energy target.

NUCLEAR. Things seem still quiet, with the defeated push for nuclear waste importing to South Australia. The proponents are now regrouping for a new campaign. Ben Heard leads the propaganda push.

The Federal plan for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia  – the Australian government plays dirty tricks with language on High Level nuclear Wastes (HLW) – it is done with deceptive labelling.  The government will hold a webinar on nuclear waste dump project on 23 February.

Nuclear submarines now obsolete? New Swedish technology indicates this. Australia’s proponents of nuclear submarines are way behind the times.



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