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Tasmania’s Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom speaks out for nuclear weapons ban

Talking Point: A chance to create a safer, saner world LINLEY GRANT, Mercury January 16, 2017 

However, with the changeover in the US Presidency to President-elect Donald Trump occurring on 20th January and the United Nations Conferences on the banning of nuclear weapons beginning in March, it seems important to let our Australian leaders know exactly where we stand on this critical issue.

In last year’s vote at the UN, 123 countries voted for a ban, but our Australian representatives voted against. Why? Who gave them this right? If the Government had conducted a survey, it would have found, once again, that a significant majority of thinking Australians clearly want an end to nuclear weapons with a binding and enforceable treaty, like the UN already has for other terrible weapons. But the Government should not need to conduct a survey.

The majority of Australians are well aware that if used, nuclear weapons can destroy all life on the planet. They have indicated many times previously, that they want an end to nuclear armaments. There is no indication that there has been any change. Those in my networks were amazed and disgusted that the Australian representatives at the UN Conference last year voted against a ban on these weapons.

Perhaps it is time for every one of us who can, to urgently write a letter or send an email to our current Government, or our political representatives, stating that we want a ban and that those who represent us at the coming United Nations Conference should work for a ban, not the reverse.

Some argue that these weapons are needed because other nations have them, will always want them and work to get them. But if these weapons are used, no matter where they are used, millions will lose their lives; and life as we know it in that area of the planet, if not the whole planet will be impossible for centuries. With global warming increasing and with it a significant reduction in arable land for food production, nations cannot afford to keep nuclear weapons. If we consider the continuing problems at and around the Fukushima power station and other places where nuclear ‘accidents’ have occurred, we cannot support the use of nuclear weapons, let alone the upkeep of these weapons which cost billions of dollars which should be available for use in more constructive ways.

Having nuclear weapons does not make any country stronger. That such power should be available to a few men is ridiculous. The sooner the weapons are all got rid of the better.

What would happen if leaflets were dropped over those nations making or storing nuclear weapons towards educating the population on their dangers so that they would demand an end to this stupidity   Linley Grant is state president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

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