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Nuclear propaganda group to visit Port Augusta

buyer-beware-1French nuclear delegation to visit Port Augusta, The Transcontinental Matt Carcich@MattCarcich  1 Feb 2017 Port Augusta will host French radioactive waste experts and those who have lived next to a radioactive waste management facility to share their experiences.

The discussion will be held at the Standpipe Golf Motor Inn on Wednesday February 8, from 11am – 12pm (presentation) and 12pm – 2pm (lunch).

The group will also visit Hawker, Quorn and Kimba.

The delegation from France’s radioactive waste management organisation, Andra, and surrounds, was organised after discussions with the Hawker community and after a specific invitation from Working for Kimba’s Future, who are supporting new land nominations from their area.

The four person delegation will comprise of the following:

  • Mayor of Fresnay and champagne producer, Pierre Jobard.
  • Mayor of Soulaines and local tourism board member, Philippe Dallemagne.
  • Director of the Aube Disposal Facility, Patrice Torres.
  • Andra International Business Manager, Jelena Bolia.

The group will hold a number of community presentations that are open to the public.

Staff from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Geoscience Australia will also be available for questions.

Head of the Resources Division in the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Bruce Wilson, said the group will be spending a number of days within the area, including visiting the nominated site at Barndioota………

The proposed site,160 kilometres north of Port Augusta, will store low-level and some intermediate-level nuclear waste.

The low level purpose-built repository would be about the size of four Olympic size swimming pools with a 60 hectare buffer on the 25,000 hectare property.

Designs have not been prepared for the national repository but it will be modelled on above-ground storage and disposal facilities overseas.

The 95-hectare Aube facility in Northern France manages low and intermediate level radioactive waste…..


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