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No nuclear French Connection for Port Augusta, South Australia


Supporters of the anti-nuclear group ENuFF will travel to Pt Augusta on Wednesday Feb 8 to protest against the federal government’s latest attempt to dump the nation’s nuclear waste in SA; no matter where it is: the Flinders Ranges, Kimba or anywhere else.

ENuFF spokesperson Ally Fricker says, “Why is the federal government spending more money parading a French delegation around the countryside? French nuclear dumps also have problems. They too leak e.g. in Normandy and in Aube in the Champagne area and are opposed by primary producers and anti-nuclear groups, who say, When you stop producing the waste, then we will discuss disposal.

“But, even more significantly the Aube dump in the Champagne region east of Paris does NOT dispose of or store reprocessed nuclear waste.”

The French and Australian authorities categorise radioactive materials differently. When the French refer to intermediate level waste (ILW) they do not mean the type of waste currently being stored at Lucas Heights in NSW and which is destined to be transported (via an undisclosed route) to a, yet to be designed and built, National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) if, and when, one is built.

“Reprocessed nuclear waste is defined by the French and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report (see pg 95) as high level waste (HLW). This is highly radioactive and hazardous material and must be kept removed from the natural environment for thousands of years,” Ally Fricker says.

Containers currently containing the waste stored at Lucas heights have a life span of only 100 years.

“This is the waste that the federal government intends to dump or “store” in a centralised national dump for an indefinite period. It’s time for the government’s agencies responsible for this waste to stop the confusion. It’s time to tell South Australians what their real intentions are about the type of waste, how it would be transported, and how long it would be stored, or otherwise disposed of, in a national dump. We say stop producing the waste.”


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