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Taxpayers would put up 21 times subsidy for Carmichael coal mine, than they would for renewables

Carmichael mine jobs need ’21 times the subsidies’ of renewables, says lobby group
Federal funding for Adani project amounts to $683,060 a job, compared with $32,191 a worker in Queensland’s clean energy sector, says,
Guardian, , 8 Feb 17, Clean energy projects in Queensland are already on track to create more employment than Australia’s largest proposed coalmine, which if funded federally would cost taxpayers 21 times more per job, according to new study.

coal CarmichaelMine2

Federal government agencies are investing $71.4m in seven solar farms and a windfarm in Queensland, which are set to deliver a total of 2,218 jobs, according to analysis by climate advocacy group

Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal project in central Queensland, which has obtained conditional approval for a $1bn federal infrastructure loan, is predicted to deliver 1,464 jobs.

The level of federal subsidy for Adani would amount to $683,060 a job, compared with $32,191 a worker in Queensland’s clean energy sector.

The Queensland government has accused the federal government of misrepresenting key data while talking up coal in an ideological attack on renewable energy.

 The Queensland energy minister, Mark Bailey, has told the federal energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, he was using “clearly flawed” modelling to attack the state’s renewable energy target of 50% by 2030. It is the country’s most ambitious target, alongside South Australia’s.

Bailey has rejected Coalition calls for new coal-fired power stations, vowing the state would push ahead with its “clean energy transition” despite the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, “doing his best to spike the development of renewables”……

Adani has sought a $1bn loan from the commonwealth’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund to help build a railway linking its Galilee basin mine site to its coastal port hundreds of kilometres away. Just over half of its thermal coal is slated for export to the Indian power market, the rest for elsewhere in Asia.

A spokesman for, Campbell Klose, said the figures on federal subsidies to Adani compared to renewable energy projects showed the “minimal return” should the loan go ahead……

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation on Monday announced a $20m investment in the Ross River solar farm in Townsville, a 116MW project expected to deliver 150 jobs and enter “full commercial use” in 2018.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) has committed $20m towards the Darling Downs solar farm at Dalby, which is expected to generate 650 jobs but must secure additional funding.

The 170MW Mount Emerald wind farm at Mareeba comes with 150 jobs, and is under construction and expected to enter full commercial use in September 2018. Solar farms at Collinsville and Kidston are expected to generate 367 and 379 jobs respectively.

Arena is investing a total of $51.4m and CEFC $20m in Queensland renewables projects costing just over $1b.

Bailey has written to Frydenberg saying he was “disappointed by the lack of detail” provided to show how the federal environment department estimated the state’s renewable scheme would cost $27b……

Australia’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel, who is reviewing Australia’s energy security, last week said taxpayers should not subsidise new coal-fired power…….


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