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Global battery storage industry to fight Australia home bans

 REneweconomy By  on 24 February 2017  The world’s biggest battery manufacturing brands and clean energy lobby groups have signalled they will fight proposed new guidelines and recommendations that could effectively ban battery storage units from inside homes and garages, saying the restrictions are over the top and don’t conform to international standards.

Standards Australia is believed to be preparing the release of new standards that would effectively force most battery storage units to be put in a free-standing and fireproof enclosure, possibly adding thousands of dollars to the cost of installation and making it uneconomic.

As a precursor to that move, Queensland workplace regulators unveiled new recommendations last week that suggested no battery storage units be installed inside homes and garage or adjoining sheds, and instead be put in separate enclosures.

The restriction appears to apply to all battery storage units, and not just lithium chemistries

Some in the industry have branded the suggestions as ridiculous…….


February 25, 2017 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Queensland, storage

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  1. There is no logic whatsoever with this ridiculous facade by government .. it is purely aimed at stopping/slowing down the inexorable creep of the solar industry .. any fool can see (having said that the fools we have in this childish Liberal Gov’t can’t see past their pension funds) … Blind Freddie will know that any issue with Lithium batteries overheating would have already been ‘investigated’ by the industry and will have been fitted with heat overload cut-outs, if it’s necessary ..

    Comment by James Mason | March 5, 2017 | Reply

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