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Newspaper “THE AUSTRALIAN” wages war on renewable energy

News-Limited1The Australian’s war on renewables,  The Australian newspaper has not text-relevantallowed facts to get in the way of a good story in its sustained war on renewable energy. Norm Sanders reports. Independent Australia, 27 Feb 17 

BY SEPTEMBER 2016, the coal lobby’s PR campaign was stalled — “clean coal” wasn’t selling. It was an obvious oxymoron, like “military intelligence”.

Then the South Australian Blackout gave the coal miners an unexpected break. Never mind that the blackout was caused by two tornadoes which blew transmission towers over. This was a golden opportunity to attack the renewables which are threatening the coal industry.

The Australian jumped in with gusto and began an extraordinary deluge of articles, editorials and cartoons denigrating renewables and the Labor State governments which supported them.

A small sample:…….

The objective of the furious attack on renewables was finally revealed in a front page story in The Australian on 20 February.

The headline screamed ‘Coal power overhaul for green bank‘.

According to the article:

The Turnbull Government is preparing to overhaul the nation’s $10 billion “green bank” by imposing a mandate to allow coal power and appointing new directors, escalating the fight with Labor and the Greens over household electricity bills.

The government is increasingly confident of reshaping the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to encourage investments in new coal-fired power stations to boost energy security …..

As far as carbon capture goes, it is an expensive and untried solution. The coal industry is clutching at straws in a desperate effort to continue business as usual. Not surprisingly, the headline in The Australian read:

‘Why carbon capture is the new black’.In any event, no matter how much carbon is captured, power plants are still a climate problem. ……..,10063


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