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No to Constitutional recognition. YES to Aboriginal Sovereignty and Treaties

aboriginal-flag-native-titleGrassroots Aboriginal movement in NSW
squashes ‘Recognise’ Sovereign Union  
24 February 2017:
Grassroots Aboriginal people from New South Wales have rejected recognition in the Australian Constitution  in favour of Aboriginal Sovereignty, the need for Treaties  and for government to enter discussions with First Nations.

“‘It is heartening to know that the Recognise Regional Meeting,  organised by the Referendum Council and the New South Wales State Land Council, held in Dubbo on 17 and 18 February 2017 voted to reject First Nation Peoples’ recognition in the colonial constitution from Britain and instead asserted Sovereignty and the need for Treaties and for the government to talk with First Nations,’
Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, said. …

Lynda Coea Wiradjuri representative at the Dubbo meeting, said:

“‘Proud to say the agenda in Dubbo this weekend was Sovereignty/Treaty … the dialogue around constitutional reform and recognise squashed by the grassroots movement!

The consensus from those who attended agreed that the process of invite only meetings did not provide clear representation of nations in New South Wales nor did the process give authority of those attending to speak on behalf of their nations as per our procedures.
The majority of those attending raised … the issue of Sovereignty/Treaty be addressed by Governments rather than the ‘yes vote’ for constitutional reform and/or recognise.'”

Ghillar said:“‘Whilst we may wonder why the Commonwealth government is now spending
millions and millions of dollars on a brain-washing campaign, the answers for this can be found in Commonwealth and State legislation everywhere, for example in the Native Title Act, Amendments to the Western Australian Heritage Act, the New South Wales Crown Lands Act, the New South Wales Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, and the list goes on. …

“‘The recent meeting in Dubbo made it very clear that we are independent sovereign Nations and continue to be such in the present and to this extent call for negotiated Treaties as opposed to constitutional recognition. 
Many of our mob are clearly also awake to the fact that the
Regional Meetings of the Referendum Council are putting the cart before the horse,
as no final wording for the Referendum has been produced. …

“Clearly the ‘expanded notion of terra nullius’
relies on a hypothesis that has been soundly disproved,
because First Nations Peoples are not without Laws, are sovereign
and have a highly evolved and complex social organisation and governance
(still barely understood by the newcomers).
So once again the Commonwealth of Australia has to rethink
how it can claim sovereignty over the continent,’ Mr Anderson said.

“Enter the Referendum Council and the “Recognise campaign”,
heavily funded by mining companies, prisons etc
– enough to alert everyone there is something sinister afoot.
The solution to comprehending the logic
behind the proposed referendum is in paragraph 35 of Mabo (No. 2): …

“the Commonwealth government and the High Court understand full well
that their claim to sovereignty is based on an internationally recognized wrongdoing
and their only way out is to coerce First Nations Peoples to “become members of their community,
become also partakers of, and subject to the same laws”.
This is their only hope of countering our Sovereignty Movement, which is gaining momentum. …

“‘I now ask: How can the High Court get out of its quandary that the Australian claim to sovereignty is based on the land being uninhabited, when it was clearly inhabited by First Nations peoples for millennia before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, and onwards?
The short answer is they can’t! … “


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