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After Brexit, will UK government pressure Australia to take their plutonium?

plutonium_04WHAT ARE THE PROBABILITIES BREXIT CAUSES THE UK TO PRESSURE OUR GOVERNMENTS TO TAKE THEIR PLUTONIUM? Paul Richards  No High Level International Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia 2 Mar  17        

A repository for the world’s nuclear waste anywhere in Australia, is a Trumpian like idea. As just the engineering to store the United Kingdoms plutonium puts the engineering on a level with building the Channel Tunnel. However, the sheer scale of Channel project was created to carry the 50.45-kilometre rail system linking the UK with Northern France creating European trade efficiency

Yet the cost of plutonium storage in the U.K. without the compensatory payback period in economic benefit trading with Europe via the Channel Tunnel seems counter initiative

The idea Australia takes on such an obvious economically disastrous UK plutonium storage need is ludicrous

Furthermore, the nuclear waste storage repository for the whole Nuclear Brotherhoods needs raises the lack of economic benefit by orders of magnitude^ in comparison to the Channel Tunnel Engineering project

Be ready for the next round of nuclear fallout             _______
source: nikkei newspaper via its subsidiary, the financial times…/9b99159e-ff2a-11e6-96f8-3700c5664d30
^ orders of magnitude –


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