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Why millionaire donors like to promote the nuclear industry in South Australia

Paul Richards , Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 7 Mar 17 ‘…whacky millionaire donors who think that they own the party, and that making SA nuclear will make them richer.’ (Steve Dale)

Whacky, I like the word Dale

Still, deviously clever is closer to the mark, as there is no thinking it will make them richer; they know it it will make them richer

As they intend to tap into the Australian Sovereign wealth and this is the ‘biggest game in town’ metaphorically speaking

Because there would be a guaranteed supply of Government funding for the nuclear industry for their lives

What many fail to grasp about the desperate and greedy grab for this nuclear industry is that because it’s economically unsustainable; once this nuclear cycle even starts and the truth comes out the decommissioning is measured in half centuries, and it literally takes thousands of years of management

This fact is regardless of the sales narrative that creates a sustainable meme, a constructed positive outcome for the ears of the naive and hopeful.

The whole story is nothing more than yet another sales brochure online, pumping out in the media that this is the solution to our species carbon emissions problem, or conversely for the denier of global warming, able to solve the fear of invasion from the North in supporting nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, it is so desirable an enterprise, even when contracted into national or multinational corporations senior executives have no such guarantee of capital flow. Simply because corporations live on quarterly, six monthly, yearly guaranteed rates of return

Our sovereign wealth commitment needed to start this whole nuclear cycle in Australia means taxpayers paying indefinitely for the infrastructure

Ergo; these ‘whacky millionaires’, if they crack this nuclear industry they will have guaranteed their elitist ‘life conditions’ and any progeny following Infinitum.   Clever business

Steve Dale Yes, nuclear is a guaranteed way of tapping into an artery of taxpayer funds. Lucas Heights has proven that.


March 6, 2017 - Posted by | General News


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