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Jane Goodall – Why Earth’s most intellectual creature is destroying its only home

Goodall: Why Earth’s most intellectual creature is destroying its only home, The Independent, By Harold Reutter 10 Mar 1Jane Goodall, the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees, told a Grand Island audience Thursday night that she is constantly amazed at the intelligence of various species in the animal world, even the lowly bumblebee.

Through her 55-year study of chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, Goodall was the first to discover that chimpanzees could make and use tools. She described how she observed a chimpanzee place stalks of grass into termite holes. When the stalk was removed from the hole, it would be covered with termites, which the chimpanzee would then eat.

She also observed how chimpanzees would bend a twig and strip it of all leaves, effectively making that tool.

 Goodall’s observations demolished long-held accepted scientific theory: That humans were the only species on earth that could make and use tools. Goodall said many other animal species have the capacity to learn; even bumblebees can learn how to retrieve nectar simply by observing another bumblebee.

Goodall, though, acknowledged the explosive development of the human brain gives humankind a capacity to do things far beyond the capacity of even the most intelligent animal. She noted only humans have the intelligence to send a spaceship to Mars and then remotely control a motorized vehicle to explore the surface.

“So isn’t it peculiar that this most intellectual creature to ever walk the planet is destroying its only home?” she asked……..

Goodall said it is very hard to deny climate change when people can observe the earth’s ice caps melting, when they can see people forced to leave their island homes because of rising ocean levels and to see sea levels rise on coastal beaches. She said humans cannot colonize Mars: “you’ve seen the pictures, it’s really not an option.”

“You know, this planet is very beautiful,” Goodall said. “There’s still a lot that is beautiful, so why are we consistently as a species harming it so badly?

“It seems to me there is a disconnect between the clever, clever, clever brain and the human heart,” she said.

Goodall said it seems there are too many people who only think about how an action affects them, while not considering how it affects their children and grandchildren. She said “we (the older generation) have not borrowed the future from our children. We have stolen it.”

She said it is now time for the generations to work together for the planet’s benefit.

One of the reasons that she founded Roots and Shoots is to give young people hope for the future. The organization’s message is “every single one of us matters and has some role to play. Every single one of us makes some impact on this planet. Every single day we have a choice about what kind of impact we’re going to make.”

Goodall said Roots and Shoots sees a holistic connection between people, animals and the environment. It lets young people choose the kind of project they want to undertake to make the earth a better place. Roots and Shoots is now in 97 countries…….


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