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Department of Industry, Innovation and Science makes fanciful claims on their ability to manage nuclear waste dump for South Australia

Paul Waldon Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA March 11 

Today is the sixth anniversary of the Daiichi incident where nobody thought there would ever be a triple meltdown.  After 14 of the fifteen reactors at 4 sites on the east coast of Japan were compromised, calling it a accident is hard when there was little foresight to a tsunami when choosing a site that previously had suffered a larger recorded impact from the sea.
This has raised red flags with other countries and their nuclear programs, where now they want to phase out their dependence on nuclear. There are people from other countries who are prepared to embrace the menace of atomic energy, and we have some here in Australia. However I don’t believe all are stupid and ignorant, but I do share some of their opinions, they are vociferous to the facts of the inherent dangers, great risks, costs, and contamination at the front end of the cycle.
I do strongly disagree with the fact that nuclear is carbon free and their ideals to achieve the safe management of deadly radioactive waste from the back end of these waste producing machines we call reactors.
However The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has made claim they can build a facility to handle deadly radioactive waste and manage it in a area with culturally sensitive issues, fragile top soil, large aquifers the environment is dependent on, teaming with wildlife, prone to flooding, and reported to be the most seismically active area in Australia while the majority of the local population is not in favour. The DIIS has their ability mixed up with their capability.

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