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Ignorance of Australia’s pro nuclear politicians and lobbyists

Paul Waldon Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 12 Mar 17 

Peter Faukner: Nuclear Services Corporation, Carl J Hocevor: Aerojet Nuclear Corporation, Arnie Gundersen: Nuclear Technician, Robert D Pollard: Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Ronald Fluege: Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory C Minor, Richard B Hubbard and Dale G Bridenhaugh: General Electric engineers
These are but a few people who have been unsatisfied ex-workers of the nuclear industry, and decried nuclear with their vociferous concerns of safety. It is important to recognize  there is growing opposition to nuclear power generation and abandonment of waste within the technical community.
August the 6th 1975 more than 2300 scientists were acknowledged as sending a message to American congress and the president warning of the dangers of the governments expanding nuclear program.
Today in Australia we have people in politics and in the nuclear work sector ignorantly embracing the production and abandonment of atomic waste for our future generations to bare the costs for the next 244,000 years so they can feel happy with a misguided thought they are better off with job security for a meagre few years.

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