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Anti-Adani activists vow ‘direct action’ against mine contractor Downer

‘Campaigners will occupy work sites, chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines, Galilee Blockade says’

Joshua Robertson @jrojourno 25 March 2017:
“A group of activists say the mining contractor Downer Group is the “prime target” of a civil disruption campaign to force it to walk away from a $2bn deal to build and run Adani’s proposed Queensland coalmine.

Galilee Blockade organisers warn members of their network will occupy work sites,
chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines, among other actions that will cost Downer money
until it exits a non-binding contract over the contentious Carmichael site.

“The protest group, which differentiates itself from a growing number of anti-Adani campaigns
by vowing to engage in “direct action” that will result in mass arrests,  considers that the size and scope of Downer’s operations make it especially vulnerable. … ”

Carmichael coalmine  ‘The latest news and comment about the plan to build a huge coalmine at Carmichael in the Galilee Basin in Queensland.’

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