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Ambassador Joe Hockey to advise govt on foreign policy – with fulsome praise of Donald Trump!

How do I feel about Joe Hockey’s sycophantic normalisation of Trump? I am reminded of a famous line from a famous play – “I MAY VOMIT”

Ambassador Joe Hockey praises ‘practical’ Trump administration and warns against ‘constant criticism’, The Age, Michael Koziol, 31 Mar 17 Australia’s ambassador to the US, former treasurer Joe Hockey, has praised the Trump administration as a “practical” and “credible” force that is finding its feet 70 days into its four-year term, and called for a halt to “constant” criticism of the White House.

In his first major speech to an Australian audience since Donald Trump took office, Mr Hockey said the Republican’s rise reflected a citizenry that felt “impotent” and heralded “the arrival of disruption into the mainstream of American politics”.

He implored critics to give the unorthodox but “practical” administration a fair go, noted many Americans backed the President’s unprecedented attacks on the media, and predicted the failure to repeal Obamacare would not harm Mr Trump.

We need to avoid the temptation to become constant critics of the new US administration because it is not a carbon copy of the previous administrations,” Mr Hockey told The Sydney Institute on Thursday night.

“The new Trump administration is very focused on practical policy outcomes. It is not beholden to ideology or tradition. It is not in the DNA of the administration to procrastinate or give undue deference to process.”

Mr Hockey praised Mr Trump’s “very credible cabinet”, which he said fulfilled an election commitment to “drain the swamp” by selecting fewer appointees with prior government experience.

In what he described as “an obvious break from past practice”, Mr Hockey noted none of Mr Trump’s cabinet members had a doctorate (PhD).  Mr Hockey said the President’s hostility to the media, often delivered in late-night or early-morning Twitter bursts, was shared by many Americans. “His war against the media has public support,” Mr Hockey said…….

Mr Hockey is in Australia alongside nearly every overseas-based head-of-mission to help Foreign Minister Julie Bishop formulate a new foreign policy strategy, due to be delivered later this year.

In his 14 months as US ambassador, the former Abbott government treasurer witnessed one of the most extraordinary and divisive presidential elections in US history…….


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