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Turnbull critical of Russia’s support of Syrian govt, but will not be drawn on Australia’s response

Syria gas attack: US considers action against Assad, Turnbull in talks with Defence Chief, ABC News 7 Apr 17  “………Attack ‘cries out for strong response’: Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described the chemical attack as a shocking war crime, but he would not confirm if Australia would join any retaliatory military campaign.

He told Melbourne radio station 3AW he was in close touch with the United States on the issue.”We have condemned this attack utterly, it cries out for a strong response,” he said.

“The American assessment, which is shared by America and her allies is that this was an action by government forces, by Assad government forces.

“Russia obviously is the principal foreign sponsor of the Assad regime.”Mr Turnbull added that Russia had not acted appropriately in response to the attack.

He stopped short of committing Australian forces to any specific military campaign in response, saying there were already dedicated resources in Syria.

“I’ve spoken only a little while ago with the [Australian] defence minister and the chief of the Defence Force,” he added.”We are already involved in Syria in terms of making airstrikes as part of the anti-Daesh coalition, the anti-ISIL coalition.

“I don’t want to speculate any further on that.”………


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