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Prime Minister Turnbull actively lobbying for Adani and the coal industry, not without attracting criticism

His idea of protecting the Reef is giving a coal billionaire a billion dollars to build a coal mine right on the Reef’s doorstep.

Turnbull slammed for “sucking up” to Adani, as business pushes 50-year life for coal plants, REneweconomy, By  on 11 April 2017 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has come under renewed criticism from Australian environmental groups after meeting with senior executives from Indian coal mining giant Adani Group as part of his three-day state visit to India.

The meeting with Adani chair Gautam Adani and other company executives in New Delhi on Monday coincides with deliberations on company’s final investment decision on the $21-billion Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee basin, which is set to be Australia’s largest coal mine, if built.

The project has been hugely controversial for a range of environmental and economic reasons, but mostly for the significant threat it poses to the nearby Great Barrier Reef, which is already seriously compromised as a consequence of global warming.

But concern for one of the world’s natural wonders, and one of Australia’s greatest tourism assets, has not stopped the federal government from actively lobbying for the Carmichael coal mine – something that federal energy and environment minister Josh Frydneberg was caught out doing at the 2016 UN Climate Talks in Marrakech.

And activists say that Turnbull’s meeting with Adani chair Gautam Adani looks like more of the same – particularly in light of the Indian company’s bid for a $900-million federal government loan for the railway that would link the mine to port.

“The Great Barrier Reef is dying. And Turnbull is in India sucking up to the very man who is going to make it worse. Worse, he’s going to give him a billion dollars to do it,” said GetUp environmental justice campaigns director Sam Regester, on Tuesday.

“His idea of protecting the Reef is giving a coal billionaire a billion dollars to build a coal mine right on the Reef’s doorstep.

“It’s time Turnbull stops pretending he represents the interest of Australians, not the interests of huge mining corporations. As the rest of Australia works to save the Reef, Turnbull has turned his back.”……

Meanwhile, the Carmichael mine has also faced numerous court challenges – the latest being over Native Title, after a recent federal court ruling threw into question more than 100 proposed land use agreements, including one covering Adani’s project.

The Turnbull government is trying to pass legislation which would reverse that court ruling and make it easier for the deals to be registered – a move that is reportedly supported by federal Labor.

According to reports from ABC News, Turnbull is believed to have told Adani that the Native Title issue “needed to and would be fixed.”

The Greens, meanwhile, have announced plans to introduce a bill for a “suitable person test” to the NAIF funding process, intended to block the Adani project because of the company’s alleged track record of environmental law breaches.



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