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Petition: No high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia

Say no to Jay’s high-level waste dump

In 2015, the Weatherill Labor Government announced a Royal Commission into expanding South Australia’s participation in the nuclear industry. The Royal Commission recommended further investigation into the development of a high-level nuclear waste industry in South Australia.

The Weatherill Labor Government established a Citizens’ Jury in the hope of getting a ‘Yes’ vote. But the jury voted by a two-thirds majority not to pursue his proposal ‘under any circumstances.’ So Jay Weatherill has come up with an expensive referendum to get the answer he wants.

Jay Weatherill’s plan for an international waste dump exposes South Australian taxpayers to unacceptable financial risks while they wait at least 40 years before knowing whether the project will proceed. It is not only economically risky but poses significant safety concerns, will taint our valuable ‘clean green’ brand and will leave a terrible legacy for future generations to deal with.

The overseas experience is that without community consensus, the investment needed for a waste facility will not be forthcoming.

It is the role of government to unite its community around achievable goals, not divide people over something that is not supported, not affordable and not achievable.


April 14, 2017 - Posted by | ACTION

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