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When a dump has a nuclear accident where do you think they will abandon the waste?

Paul Waldon, Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 15 Apr 17

When a dump has a nuclear accident where do you think they will abandon the waste?
Andrews accepted the barrels of waste from the same batch that had the release of material that contaminated the WIPP. this site wasn’t constructed to accommodate this waste which does increase the problems of waste management, and the WIPP doesn’t want them back.
St Louis has a underground fire which has been burning for 5 years releasing radioactivity, and one man with a vested interest in the company handling it is Bill Gates who has turned a deaf ear, maybe to optimize his profits.
Beatty in Nevada had explosions and fires in their nuclear dump with the closure of 140 miles of highways.
Now Holtec the same company who makes dry casks and was or is known to be in bed with Westinghouse on this venture and trading as Eddy Lea Energy Alliance have purchased land less than 40 miles from the WIPP and waiting for the licence approval and a change to the Nuclear Waste Policy Act for their nuclear parking lot to start accepting nuclear waste to reside above ground.
Some communities around these sites have already suffered, like very rare cancer clusters in St Louis which have shown up many thousands time more frequently in residents.
So if Kimba or Hawker are to have a nuclear fire in the future do you believe the waste will be returned to ANSTO the only current high grade nuclear dump in Australia or will they open up another dump in a neighbouring community.

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