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In this world of war danger, could we negatively gear a nuclear bomb shelter?

Boomer Wondering If You Can Negatively Gear A Nuclear Bomb Shelter  SBS, By The Backburner 18 APR 2017  With the world seemingly being dragged increasingly closer to nuclear war, 59 year old Craig Richardson of Toorak is currently considering his ability to negatively gear an investment nuclear bomb shelter in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Mr Richardson told The Backburner he and wife Margaret are mulling over expanding their property portfolio, taking advantage of low interest rates along with the current political climate and the tensions between the US and North Korea.

“I saw on the news that North Korea has been conducting missile tests, and I turned to Margaret and said, Margaret, this could be a fantastic opportunity for us,” Mr Richardson explained.

“We don’t suppose a bomb shelter will attract a huge amount of rental income, so ideally we’d like to negatively gear the property. But we think it would be a superb investment in the long run, given the fact we all may be headed for imminent annihilation.”

“This is precisely how you get a leg up in the property market – seeing an opportunity and seizing it instead of complaining. The pessimistic youth of today might see nuclear war as a negative. Well, not myself and Margaret. The glass is always half full for us.”


April 19, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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