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Opposition in South Australia to $500 million solar and wind farm

Beetaloo Valley residents to fight against planned $500 million solar and wind farm by Neoen Erin Jones, Regional Reporter, The Advertiser April 17, 2017  SOUTHERN Flinders Ranges residents are vowing to stop a 50-turbine wind farm from ruining the landscape, fearing the project will be fast-tracked because of the state’s energy crisis.

April 19, 2017 - Posted by | South Australia, wind

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  1. The Editor
    The Advertiser

    The CEO of Engie claims (The Advertiser 22/4/17) that whether you’re in government or private ownership you have to make a profit (“you have to wash your face”) and that private ownership frees up government funds for other projects. Private companies use their profits for further investment but for some inexplicable reason Governments can’t do the same thing ?

    He would like us to believe that the closure of Engie’s Hazelwood power station in Victoria had no bearing on the reopening of Engie’s Pelican Point power station because “they’re in different jurisdictions” (“so they’ve got to wash their face economically whatever happens”). Weren’t they both in the same National Electricity Market ?

    He claims that Engie’s Pelican Point was edged out of the market by renewable energy, but when it closed Hazelwood then Pelican Point became available to the market – without any decrease in the contribution from renewable energy.

    Is it possible that preoccupation with washing his face has something to do with all that mud on it ?

    Dennis Matthews


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | April 22, 2017 | Reply

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